Sunday, February 12, 2006

Need great's a good start

As a new blog I still have trouble understanding the whole BLOG process. BLOGs are free websites that you post anything and everything on just for the heck of it. I've learned that the more stupid the blog and the more stupid the title then your high up on the sitemeters of the BLOG world...blogsphere .
In a nut shell I have learned that BLOGS are the poor-mans and poor-womens website. Everyone that BLOGS watch the links and comments closely to get a high status in the blog-o-sphere.
People are A-listers to Z-listers and most of them just copy everyone elses stuff and re-post it. I guess i'm a Z-listers and I'm happy with that. After seeing a few blogs like Boingboing and another one where a guy sketches kid's art on cards, I think i'll stick to my simple non-money making weblog.
Having said all that I have found a few sites that are good reading. I have also learned that most people don't comment on blog because they are idiots. anyway , here a some that I try to read daily when I can. These actually update daily in most cases with something NEW and fun .

Zeke's Gallery ( a great site in Canada with art reviews of show's we'll never get to see.)
Fresh Paint ( an artist site with twist)
MAex Art Blog ( based out of Miami , FL..nuff said)
Art addict - ( art collecting and everything else. cool site)
Art for a change - ( good content)

This is a short list. I will add others later one that I check in on from time to time. Feel free to let me know some other great ones. As a newbie I enjoy reading good content , mainly about the art world ot toy world...enjoy.

Myron Waldman - another legend gone at 97

Myron Waldman did many things in his long life. Things that none of us will ever do. Not only did was he one of the greatest animators to ever grace a screen, he also lived to be 97.
If your an artist and you just study fine artist like picasso and Van Gogh, then you are missing out on an education.
Casper, Popeye, Superman to name three everyone knows. Milton the Monster, Betty boop and many others that are worth remembering. He was the last of the great " Fleischer Studios" in the 20's..yes the 20's . He got Popeye and Betty Boop to compete with Disney and Mickey Mouse. He did so much. From 1920's until his death he paved the way for all artists that every animated a stick figure. I could go on, but GOOGLE him and pay tribute to a hero in the industry.
i wrote to him several years ago and he drew me a quick sketch of Casper and signed it with a note . It is something that I will cherish forever now .
Thank you Mr. waldman for being a class act and an incredible artist in every sense. Tell Walt and Fleischer hello from all of us.

just a word about comments and suggestions

I wanted to say thank you for all the people that have emailed commenting on my work . I enjoy reading them and they also help me to improve my work. I have met artists in my time that couldn't take comments either way. They always thought they where too good to hear from anyone. I laugh when I page through art magazines and see all this artowkr and think...someone should have mentioned that they're work didn't make sense.
Most of the time the artists that get into the magazines have art editors that don't have a clue. But for me , someone who has sold work all over the world and done shows yada yada yada , I enjoy all comments. Comments for me start a fun conversation with your artwork that shouldn't be missed.
I miss the college years when I had 5-10 friends that where artists the same and we could hash out ideas and tell each other that a piece sucked. Now people just say " it looks good " or that's nice" . I hate that. tell me something I don't know or need to know. You gotta open your mind to the please comment.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Wal-Mart machine / I hate Wal-mart sculpture

I just got through posting my newly completed " The Wal-mart Machine" piece. If your like me , you hate wal-mart just about the same. But we all still shop there for the most part.
i wanted to create a piece that depicted the great wal-mart power as something that almost rolls over all the mom/pop stores of the past. it should be called the " Wal-mart belt' because of all the stores on every corner.
Between the poor wages, poor customer service, poor products and lies about everything made in America I think Wal-mart could run as a political party and fit right in. I have a few friends that work for wal-mart still and have said that since Sam Walton passed away several years ago that the company has changed. That's called " greed" and that's what happens when the children take over.
For me I try to shop at Target because they are cleaner and the service is a little better. I;m the same with Publix. Publix is the holy grail of grocery stores. Clean and great service...that is rare these days.
Enjoy this piece and please comment on your thoughts on Wal-mart . I tried to depict the machine rolling into your area and also leaving a trail of that damn smiley face on their bodies of the stores they distroyed.
Here's the auction link with 15 pictures and a little description:
EBAY link

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Garbage Pail Kid's: The Artists - Do you remember them ?

As a avid collector of autographs of all types for many years I began to research the great Garbage Pail kid's of the 70's/80's that I loved so much back then. There was 15 series I think and had endless names used in the most incredible ways. Like most cards or commerical/ TV art , the artists are often unknown to the people that collect them or watch the shows. I began to research the artist of the original Garbage Pail Series and I found the four great creators/artists.
John Pound, Tom Bunk , James Warhola , and John Lynch where the original artists and creators of the garbage Pail Kid's art. John Pound did much of the original art and still sells originals and sketches on his incredible website. I'm still trying to find a good site on John Lynch as well as a good address to get his autograph.
I recently got all of the other three autographs in mail . Two of the three drew a quick sketch that will look great framed along with the others and some Garbage pail kid's cards.
Over the years I have collected many artists autographs and I find them more fun than any star I have seen and gotta their autograph from.
Check out their websites and step back in time. All four of thise artists have a great background in art and a portfolio to die for.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Red Grooms Part 2 : the letter and the autograph

I've been collecting all types of autographs in person and Through the Mail for 20 years I guess. I think I have exhibited parts of my autograph collection more than my arwork. About ten years ago I started writing to living artist and buying some dead ones. It surprises me that people don't realize that you can write people for autographs and they will respond.
I focus on cartoonist, political cartoonists, animators, artists, classic TV series etc. mostly. Iv;e gotten all types of artist from Chuck Close to Chuck Jones in the mail over the years.
I usually send a 5 by 7 arches watercolor paper to artists and cartoonists because most of the the time they will sketch you something. Hirshfield only signed his name sorry to say, but I am more than proud to get than. Hockney just had his assistant send a pre-print to me...three times. ( file 13..)
I found Red Grooms address through an endless search and had no clue what to say. Here's an artist that gets regular Millions of dollars for his works and exhibits all over the world. Would he actually take the time to read a letter from a snot-nosed artist.
The answer, Yes .
Artists aren't known for their english skills but I wrote a letter that would make Poe proud. I told him that I enjoyed his work and needed some inspiration from time to time so I had begun writing artist in hopes that framing their signatures above my studio desk would keep me going.
About a month went by and I got His envelope back and almost couldn't open it. I didn't expect anything but when I opened it I saw his signature and along with it a pen sketch that was incredible. He also send a short letter thanking me for the note and that he appreicated my thoughts on his work and to keep up the good work that I would get there.
I know it sound trivial to be excited over something like that , but as someone that focus his means on my family and other things, original art is a pipe dream sometimes. Prints yes, but a sketch for a god-like artist.
I have written to a lot of stars and artists in my years of collecting. Jasper Johns refused to sign, Hockney pre-print..3 times...( never liked his work anyway) and then there's Red grooms being as nice and humble as someone you would meet at a starving artist sell.
I hope to oneday meet him in person. Some people want to see the 7 wonders of the world, others want to meet jennifer anniston. Just let me go to an exhibit and help his flunkys set up a show. I just want to shake his hand and thank him for lifting up a struggling artist to a struggling artist with a better outlook.
If anyone ever sees a broken piece of one of his works laying around , mail it to me. I'll see if I can give you my second born. :)

Red Grooms - The great unknown artist to some.

Years ago in my college years I would often sit in my Art History classes and grumble at the thought to looking at one more slide where I was to memorize the medium, artist yada yada yada. You get through several classes of the greats like Van Gogh to Picasso and you know their works backward and forward.
Entering my senior years I was studing everything and trying to hold down studio time and have a life. I was that art student that never went to the deans office too much because she scared the hell out of me. I had to go to the office once for my senior exhibition talk.
Her office was what was incredible. It had that " lived -in" look and great original art throughtout. One piece just drew me in. It was an artist I had never heard of but the art was incredible. A great mix of mixed media and traditional painting. But wacky all the way.
She told me it was Red Grooms and I need to check him out. The meeting went well . I was still scared to death of her but she left me with a task to spark my mind.Something a good teacher always does. 10 years later I look back and thank her for that moment.
Red Grooms is that modern artist that has big and bright colr filled walk thought environments that are larger than life caricatures of life. Being from Nashville, Tennessee you know he is a down to earth artist for sure. Born in 1937 , he is still alive and well creating great scultpures still today.
He was the first artist to practice a movement called " Happening " . something I had never heard of but was educated once I began checking out hsi work. He also is a great Pop artist but sometimes gets lost inthe warhol era.
I have to say personally that I enjoy his work more than Warhol and many of the other pop artists of the time. Grooms work takes inside an environment that is built to stur the mind. There is so many piece of his I enjoy but the smaller ones Like " the Minister of Transportation " is a favorite for sure.
I strongly suggest you GOOGLE him today and check out his great work . He approach is different and if your like me and grew tired of seeing all the " couch paintings " in museum then you appreciate his work . It has inspired me to push myself to other levels. All I can say is Thank you Mr. Grooms for being and inspiration and creating original work that excites and keeps you going. I did get to thank him in a letter....the next post will tell you how I did it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Work in progress : Wal-mart takeover - killing the mom/pop stores

Inbetween every other project that I have going I started a couple of projects that have been inthe sketchbook for a few months. The first is a Wal-Mart piece that shows the vast take over that wal-mart is pulling off. The pushing out the mom and pop stores and running over the businesses everywhere else.
When I was in undergraduate studies , working on my Ceramics degree , I use to handbuild battlehouses or stuctors that had a theme and where mobile. All ofthem had wild defense systems and wheels of some sort. The Wal-mart piece is going to be similar. The ceramic houses that I use to build had fiberglass soaked in clay and when it fired out or not it left a great texture in the form.
While I currently have a Kiln , it's just not hooked up currently. So I came up with using canvas and old clothes cut into all types of forms and dipped into house paint and then when it dries it is hard as steel and gives a great texture. I use cardback or foam for my bodies and most pieces trick the viewer into thinking they are made of wood or some other product.
This makes them lighter. I have had to repack numerous pieces for shipping because I over shot the shipment measurements or what the customer paid for shipping.
I hate Wal-mart with a passion and I wanted to create a piece that shows their unending take over of land and the small jobs. I'll add pictures as soon as te blogger let me . Still trying to figure all this blog stuff out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

portraits coming soon...maybe

Months ago I purchased all this great unprimed canvas from this place in Georgia. I got like 4 HUGE rolls of canvas and it was a great deal. I use it on all my projects but I want to fit in a few portraits of people and other things maybe to see how they do.
Being unemployed with only your art and EBAY to support you end of the house is getting increasingly hard to do. My wife has been wonderful of course , but I want to make sure I get everything completed timely these days and to customers.
As a stay at home dad , I have to say that being with my son all day is a joy that I thought I would never see. You do great things in your life , you think , until you have a son and realize that anything you did in the past pales in what you can do with him. I learn something new everyday and I am truly blessed to have a wonderful wife and even more incredible son. I tip my brush to you guys always.

scrubbing bubble project - wall sculpture

There at times that I will plan and complete a project in one day. While I work on 10-15 projects sometimes at once I do enjoy challenging myself ot complete one in a certain time frame. It helps me to get my commissions done in a timely manner and I enjoy it.
Scrubbing bubble is a character from my childhood that I useto watch all the time. Those commericals where fun and inspiring. I recently purchased several Animation cels and drawings fromthe original spots and have them framed above my drawing table.
This piece features the bubble in it's element. The bubble and scrubbing bubbles cloud are all canvas that has been glued likea pillow form. I paint them and leave the edges rough at times.
The background is some classic .28 Lowes tile tiled onto a normal board background. I even grouted it with white grout. Not shown in the picture is 6 random tiles thatwould be attached to the display wall for evn more depth.
His scrubbers are a walmart find of a .50 fun noodle that the guy looked at me funny when bought it that night. It was rather cold as well.
I even threw in a real toliet tissue holder and roll of T. paper for good measure.
I'll be listing this piece on EBAY shortly and will provide a link for you guys.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Homeless test track

I have always looked at the homeless situation with the thoughts that the person that is homeless can change their situation. People lose jobs, family and industry cuts make people homeless but it seems that the drive to do better is lost somewhere along the way.
In America where you can go to McDonald’s for god sake and get a job , we are still too lazy to work. Some homeless people still want to have the government supply everything for them,
In the piece pictured above “ homeless test track “ I wanted to show that it seems like the homeless people strap themselves into a chair and let themselves get pulled into the wrecking ball.
I’m not saying that I think every homeless person out there is to blame for the problem. I do think that if you live in the greatest economic country in the world that there are avenues out there that don’t take education, who you know, or who you blow to get a job. I feel for the organization out there that try to work with people that want to live off the government.It is happening now in New Orleans. People will live of the government and not take the chance to start over in a new area.
If you need additional pictures of this piece feel free to email me and I will send others to you.
This piece is also for sale currently. email me for the price and which charity you would want the money to go to.

upcoming projects and updates

I wanted to begin a series of updates that tell you guys and gals what my next few projects . I have a few commissions to do inbetween projects but this is a brief list of projects I am planning or currently working on. Most of them are general topics but some will specialize in future postings. I have had several people that have asked me to post progress or work in progress images , so I will begin that ASAP :
Charity pieces:
Endangered animals ( 3 pieces )
- Extincit tiles ( similar to the wall of fame but with extinit animals)
Racial sterotypes ( 5 pieces)
Landmines pieces ( 2 in progress / 2 on the drawing board)
Katrina disaster
Homeless pieces ( one completed 4 in process)
more to come
Fun pieces for all :
Stretch Armstrong muti panel paintings ( NEED instructions forthe vintage dolls)
MEGO logo with misc. doll parts
MEGO micronauts portraits
Toy logos ( vintage logos)
Mr. Potato head painting
Cereal icon self portraits ( 2 completed / many to do)
Cootie large scale sculpture ( pieces in LARGE form)
more to come.

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